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Best calling cards from UK to Malawi

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Rates ¢/min

Local Access / Nation-Wide
Hello from UK
· Connection Fee - NO
· Maintenance Fee - NO
· Rounding - 3 minutes
· Service Fees & Surcharges - 28%
· Connection Fee - No
· Maintenance Fee NO
· Rounding - 3 minute
· Service Fees & Surcharges - 15%

Do you want to make cheap calls to Malawi and feel comfortable about reliable connection and low costs? This online shop was created to help you to call from USA or any other country of the world. You can buy a calling card to Malawi online, without leaving your work or home place. We can provide long distance and international telephone services via prepaid phone cards. You will enjoy the conversation with an excellent connection quality and lowest rates. Try and see that we offer best service in the market.

Malawi calling cards are very popular among travelers, international businessmen students and those who have friends or relatives in Malawi. The main reason people choose ip cards is the opportunity not to run out to buy a phone card and not to pay large sums for the services of standart operators.

Enjoy Your Conversation! If you would like to try cheap calls to Malawi from UK, buy continental test card - just 0,7 pound. Use landline phone, it's cheaper than calling from mobile.

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